Full Service Market Research

In2ition provides traditional market research supplier services through a network of preferred fieldwork suppliers. Our approach goes beyond standard deliverables to insure that insights are delivered to clients in a way that can be understood and sold internally. Methodologies utilized include both qualitative and quantitative research.

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  • For those who need a little help along the way, in2ition offers on-demand advice or execution for specific steps of the market research process (e.g., surveys, interviews, analysis, presentations).
  • In2ition also assists clients with market research project management for large or complex projects.
Expert User Panels
  • In2ition provides advice on how to establish and conduct data gathering among expert users on an ongoing basis.
  • Services include topic selection, format design (e.g., small group discussion), question formulation, facilitator training, moderation, and reporting.
Executive Education
  • Customer Interview and Ad Board Training – A half-day primer for non-Market Researchers on how to conduct interviews with customers. Topics include writing an interview guide, asking unbiased questions, probing, managing the discussion and identifying key take-aways, and writing up the results.
  • Fundamentals of Supplier Management – A full-day executive education course that helps marketing professionals successfully manage Market Research suppliers. Topics include writing an RFP, evaluating proposals, avoiding execution pitfalls, and presentation development.

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