Why Us

At in2ition we are passionate about delivering usable insights that will truly inform decision making. This means not only helping clients discover the "why," but ensuring that this leads them to the “so what?” and “what’s next?” We help our clients translate their questions into actionable market research by offering a unique balance of technical market research, product marketing and consulting services. In2ition has partnered with medical device companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups, on hundreds of projects ranging from market sizing to ad testing, customer segmentation to competitive analysis, and exploration of unmet needs to new feature design. We can help provide the insights you need for business decisions while completing your study on-time and within budget.

Communicating "the story" – We have extensive experience turning complicated, data heavy reports into easily digestible executive summaries and executive level reports with clear take-aways.

Delivering quality – We insure superior quality by personally owning critical tasks. We leverage our deep industry expertise or, for new business lines, take the time to get the training we need to develop a solid industry knowledge base.

Effectively managing costs – We develop cost effective solutions to work within client budgets.

Meeting tough deadlines – We have delivered crisis research and other forms of "quick turnaround" deliverables within timelines as short as overnight.

Presenting results – We are comfortable presenting key findings to marketing and senior leadership or helping our clients prepare and deliver their own presentations.

Selling market research internally– Our client-side experience has taught us the importance of developing internal buy-in for market research projects, methodologies and, eventually, its conclusions. We can help our clients effectively sell market research to obtain funding, drive critical decisions and to demonstrate its value.

Managing market research functions– We have experience building a successful market research function within multiple organizations. We understand how to effectively hire talent, build a good team, manage work flow, create processes and perform many other critical functions necessary to create and maintain a successful market research function.

Optimizing suppliers– We have a proven track record effectively managing and coordinating suppliers to ensure a smooth and successful project based on a combination of supplier management "best practices" and established relationships in the market research industry.

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